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Top Employee Monitoring and Parental Control Software. Reviews and a сomparative table

StaffCop Enterprise: Screenshots

StaffCop Enterprise can make screenshots either at customizable regular intervals or when active windows are changed. To look how to view screenshots in StaffCop Enterprise, watch the video below: Most used apps, most visited websites for a certain period; Reports on employees’ performance, by department; Reports on employees’ activities, by department; A concise and comprehensive report; Statistic data on the intercepted files; See who is late to work too often; The time sheet; The number of printed docs; Hardware devices inventory; Programs and apps inventory;

Customization options: Detailed performance report; Set up flexible schedules for employees and departments; Record paid annual leaves, sick leaves; Configure internet use monitoring; A wide variety of customizable filters; Prompt alerts on events; etc.


StaffCop Standard


StaffCop Enterprise