The best software for employee monitoring and parental control

Top Employee Monitoring and Parental Control Software. Reviews and a сomparative table

Effective Employee Monitoring



Monitoring software is a specialized computer program that records all activities of PC users.


The date and time when the computer was switched on and off, all keystrokes pressed on the keyboard and the exact time when they were pressed, mouse clicks and mouse movements – all these data monitoring programs record. In addition, functions of this kind of software include intercepting information from windows and contents of clipboard, making screenshots of active windows at certain intervals, (and video recording of the screen, if necessary), tracking file activity and changes in the system registry, recording all received and sent electronic messages, as well use of the printer. Also, such programs often can intercept the sound from the microphone and images from webcams connected to the computer. Functionality of different monitoring programs may vary, depending on the purpose of the particular product, vendor, etc.


Most often monitoring software products are used:

  • by companies – to control employees for compliance of their actions at the workplace with the company’s internal regulatory documents and the laws of the country or jurisdiction;
  • by individuals, with the purpose of parental control to ensure whether the children’s PC activity doesn’t break the rules set by parents;
  • by PC users themselves who install this software on their own computers to fulfil certain tasks.


Explore a comparative table and reviews of the best software for employee monitoring and computer monitoring


Explore a comparative table and reviews of the best software for parental control and computer monitoring