StaffCop Enterprise review

Staffcop Enterprise in brief:

This product is based on client-server architecture. It supports various infrastructures, including VPN-channels, NAT-translation, and other kinds of connections.
Agents and administrators connect to the server using an encrypted HTTPS protocol. This enables them to perform actions on computers located outside the company’s local network.

Offline mode allows monitoring users even when they aren’t online.

If the agent can’t connect to the server, it stores the data in its local database and starts transferring them to the server as soon as the connection is resumed. This function allows to constantly monitor the employees who connect to the internet using via public Wi-Fi networks, mobile 3G/4G modems, and the like. Even if your employee uses his or her laptop during a business trip, you won’t lose control over his or her performance.

To collect, store and analyze the data about your employees’ PC activity using Staffcop Enterprise, you will need one server with GNU/Linux-based OS.

How to Use Staffcop Enterprise

StaffCop offers a state-of-the-art solution, which will help you to timely detect and respond to various insider threats. It is capable of context-rich logging of PC activity and uses cutting edge advanced behavioral analysis techniques.

  • Collecting Data. With StaffCop, you will be able to gather data on PC activity of users, analyze it, spot arising problems and solve them at the right time

  • Analysis. Automatic and statistical analysis of data will help you promptly detect suspicious activity of users, spot incidents, identify disloyal employees and insiders.

  • Alerts. You will receive automatic alerts that will warn you of employees’ violations of security policies, or any other activities that are unproductive or dangerous.

  • Reports. StaffCop provides a handy constructor – an interface of information display – which will help you to pre-configure the reports. It’s extremely easy to use.

  • Blocking Unwanted Activity. With StaffCop, you will prevent your employees from visiting particular websites, running certain apps and use removable USB-drives. It will reduce the risk of infecting workplace computers and company’s local network with malware and increase performance of the employees.

  • Efficient search function. Whatever information you need, you will quickly and easily find it in a couple of clicks.

Video reviews

Time tracking report

Time tracking reports in StaffCop Enterprise are very handy. This report provides the employer with a snapshot of performance of the entire department or any employee in particular. From the video below you will learn how time tracking reports are generated:


StaffCop Enterprise can make screenshots either at customizable regular intervals or when active windows are changed. To look how to view screenshots in StaffCop Enterprise, watch the video below:

Reports: Standard options


Detailed info on employees’ productivity


Most used apps, most visited websites for a certain period


Reports on employees’ performance, by department


Reports on employees’ activities, by department


A concise and comprehensive report


See who is late to work too often


Statistic data on the intercepted files


The timesheet


The number of printed docs


Hardware devices inventory


Programs and apps inventory


Detailed performance report

Customization options


Record paid annual leaves, sick leaves


Set up flexible schedules for employees and departments


Configure internet use monitoring


A wide variety of customizable filters


Prompt alerts on events


The user profile

How the data are displayed


Facts displayed as a list


Facts displayed as a heatmap


Analysis displayed as a table


Analysis displayed as a bar graph


Analysis displayed as a linear graph


Analysis displayed as a pie graph


Analysis displayed as a graph


Analysis displayed as a tree graph


Facts displayed as a table

Custom reports


The domains where files were uploaded most often


The users who send files via FTP most often


Webmail use: frequency


Webmail use: users, time, and frequency


The users who sent most files via HTTP


The users who uploaded most files


The users who sent most e-mails


The users who sent most e-mails with attachments


The Keylogging module

Staffcop is an efficient software product intended for remote computer monitoring. It offers a broad range of functions, including keyword tracking, remote desktop control and presentation of data in the form of clear and handy reports. Besides, it is capable of audio and video recording.

Benefits. Staffcop is a powerful tool for employee time tracking. It fulfils such tasks as provides data gathering, user tracking, and reporting. Staffcop reduces the risk of data loss and makes the workflow transparent. The product is inexpensive to maintain; besides, investment into it pays quickly.

Drawbacks. The product doesn’t provide the admin with a cloud-based interface.

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