Spytech NetVizor review

This powerful and efficient network monitoring software suite named NetVizor will enable you to monitor the entire network of your company from a single location, in real-time.
NetVizor will log everything users do on their PCs, including keystrokes pressed, programs and apps launched, sites visited, emails sent and received. The program will also track everything done with files and documents, make screenshots, and much more.

So, with NetVizor, you will always know what exactly everyone is doing in the entire network on his or her PC.

Real-time behavior alerts will enable you to boost performance and prevent leak of confidential info.

With NetVizor, you can monitor everything your employees do from one location and quickly generate exhaustive and adaptable reports, observe what’s going on all over the network and receive instant alerts about undesirable activities of users.

NetVizor is an extremely comprehensive network monitoring solution. It offers a great number of features, related to real-time remote network surveillance, thorough individual user monitoring, security auditing and report generating.

Monitoring the Entire Network in Real-time

With NetVizor, you will be able to view what is going on in your network in real-time – just in one click. You won’t need to connect to each workstation anymore when you simply want to know what the particular user is doing.

  • User Activity Ticker. NetVizor offers you an auto-refreshing list with all the computers present in your network at the current time. From this activity ticker you will see who is logged in at the moment to each of the computers, what window he or she opened. Look what each of the users is viewing by taking a screenshot.

  • A Visual Overview. A visual network overview offers you a number of thumbnail images, which are screenshots of all the computers on your network at that moment. Each small image is linked to a full-size desktop screenshot of the particular remote computer.

  • View and Control Desktops in Real-time. If you need to take control over any computer on the network, NetVizor will enable you to do this from one central location. You will be able to take control of the keyboard and mouse of any of the PCs on your company’s network.

Monitoring Individual PCs

NetVizor has supreme logging capabilities. It can record everything the user types, all emails sent and received, all programs launched. All the events are logged with time stamps and the date. You can easily save these logs and export them to analyze later. You also can view NetVizor’s logs remotely from a central location, which is really suitable for a boss.

  • Monitoring Modes: Proactive and Reactive. There are two modes of monitoring NetVizor can operate in. The first one is proactive monitoring mode, which is the standard mode for NetVizor. In proactive mode all the data recorded can be viewed immediately. The second monitoring mode, called blackbox/reactive, also records all user activity but stores the encrypted logs locally on the computer being monitored for a pre-set number of days. You won’t be able to view the data immediately in this case; the logs become available only after unlocking.

  • Keystroke Logging. All the PC user’s keystrokes will be logged with time stamps as well as the window they were typed in.

  • View the Keystrokes being Pressed. View – remotely, in real-time -what users are typing on their keyboards! The real-time keystroke viewer offered by NetVizor will show you every keystroke being typed by the users under monitoring. You will also know what window each keystroke was typed in.

  • Sent and Received Emails. Monitor and store all PC users’ emails sent and received! NetVizor records all SMTP and POP3 messages and stores them for you to view them later.

  • Logging PC Use. With NetVizor, you will know for sure when each user’s session started and ended, as well as for how long this PC user was active during each session.

  • Event Logging. View logs of all actions performed by users in a chronological order. The Events Timeline function enables you to view what actions the particular user performed and in what order. The following events are logged by NetVizor: viewing and printing of documents, programs launches and stops, website visits, etc. Also, periods of time users were active and idle during each session, are also recorded.

  • Use of Apps. NetVizor will let you know when each of the applications on a particular PC was started, stopped, and for how long it ran. NetVizor will also record how many users were actually using each program and for how long.

  • Web Activity. With NetVizor, you will know what websites each of the users visited and what he or she searched on the Web. InPrivate and Incognito activity in browsers will also be logged. The data logged include: username, the address of the website visited, the time when the site was visited, and how long the visit lasted. So, you will be able to see what websites your employees visit most often and stay there the longest. Here is the list of browsers supported by NetVizor: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, America Online, Flock.

  • Website Content and Webmail. With NetVizor, you can log both incoming and outgoing webmail messages from many of well-known webmail providers, including: MySpace, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail. All content of the websites visited by the user also can be logged.

  • Chat Conversations. NetVizor is capable of logging both sides of chat conversations. The messengers, which NetVizor supports include AIM Triton, AOL Instant Messenger, Excite Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, XFire, GoogleTalk, ICQ, and Skype.

  • Monitoring Internet Connections. All internet sessions made on the PC under monitoring will be logged. These connections include all TCP connections, FTP, POP3, HTTP, Chat Messenger.

  • Information on Web Traffic. With NetVizor, you will be aware of all internet traffic sent and received by all the monitored PCs. These data include: emails, FTP sessions, requests for websites and their contents, chat conversations, passwords, and much more.

  • Downloaded and Uploaded Files. All the files PC users from your network upload and download through the email, web, or FTP, will be recorded. The data on these actions include: who downloaded or uploaded a file, where the file was downloaded from or uploaded to, and the time of this action. You can sort the logs on file transfer by content type for more suitable viewing.

  • Opened Documents. All the documents and files, which PC users opened and viewed, will be recorded.

  • Print Tasks. All the documents and files that users sent to the printer, will be recorded.

  • File System Use. All file system activity will be logged. It includes creating files, their renaming, changes made in them, and deleting files. Along with the event itself, the recorded data also include the user who does it and the time when it is done.

  • Screenshots. NetVizor takes snapshots of the PC user’s screen at certain intervals of time, which can be pre-set. So, you will see for yourself what’s being done at this workplace. The If you wish, you can view the screenshots as a slide show.

  • Audio from Microphone. NetVizor can capture audio from the microphone, which enables you to hear what’s happening around this PC – e.g. what people nearby are saying.

  • Windows Activity. NetVizor logs everything done in the windows, which user opens directly at the desktop.

  • Installation of Software. NetVizor records all installations of software done by users, including the name of the software, installation path, and time when the installation was performed.

  • Mouse Clicks Recording. NetVizor logs all mouse clicks on the PC. The info logged includes the title of the window, where the mouse was clicked, and the application path.

  • Viewing Desktops Remotely. Thanks to NetVizor’s screenshots of remote computers desktops, you to will be in the know what users are doing on your company’s PCs in real-time!

  • Logging Passwords. With its keystrokes recorder, NetVizor logs all passwords typed in during monitoring sessions.

  • PC Activity Logging. NetVizor logs all activity like user log-ons and system shutdowns, as well as its own actions, such as monitoring start/stop, accesses to logs, changing options, and failed attempts to start/stop monitoring.

  • Viewing System Information. NetVizor allows you to view a listing containing system information on the remote PC, including type of its processor, system directories, etc.

  • Viewing Internet Connections. For each remote machine under monitoring, NetVizor shows you a list of its current Internet connections.

  • Viewing Recent Documents. With NetVizor, you can view a list of the documents recently opened by each particular PC user.

  • Remote Monitoring in Real-time. NetVizor offers remote monitoring in real time. It means that you will be able to view from a remote machine what the user is doing on a particular PC, e.g. what applications are run, what windows are open, et cetera.

  • Log Delivery by E-Mail. NetVizor monitors offline PCs as well. The activity logs (excluding logs on chat and email activity) can be sent to your email address.

Real-time Monitoring and Control

NetVizor’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable you to record everything done on the PCs that belong to your network. What is more, you are able to see what is being done at these PCs as it happens. With a single mouse click, you can launch real-time network overview and see every desktop in your network. With the remote desktop control, you can take control over any of your computers at any time.

Reports and Analysis

NetVizor’s activity logs are very neat-looking, clear and understandable. Some of them can be presented in the form of graphs, which is very handy for the person who will review them. These reports could be generated either on individual users, or for the entire network. If you wish, the reports will be generated automatically on a daily basis and sent to you via email, so that you can analyze them later. From these reports, you will learn many useful info about activity of the PC users from your company’s network.

You will learn from the reports…

  • What websites users from your network visit most often;

  • What they regularly search the web for;

  • Whether your employees work productively;

  • How active they really are;

  • What programs and apps are used most often;

  • What files are opened most often;

  • Do users copy the files to portable drives or email them;

  • What users are having fun when they are supposed to be working;

React. Filter. Prevent.

NetVizor offers advanced behavior filtering, which is customizable. You will be able to block certain programs and apps, restrict access to websites and chat clients, prohibit file copying and use of portable drives. When an incident occurs, e.g. a file is modified, a portable drive is used, a specific keyword is typed, or a blacklisted program is run, NetVizor will alert you in real-time. It will enable you to timely react to such incidents to keep your data and your network secure.

Manage all PCs from a Central Location

With NetVizor, you will easily manage and control all PCs in your network from a single central location. All activity logs can be accessed and real-time monitoring performed from one control point. You will be able to install or remove monitoring Client remotely – to do this, you don’t need physical access to these computers anymore.

Control Your Entire Network

NetVizor is designed for networks of any size, from a small single-subnet network to huge networks with 10,000+ computers which have multiple subnets.

NetVizor’s intuitive graphical user interface enables you to remotely install NetVizor software to work PCs, record all user activities in the entire network, monitor user behavior in real-time, and generate a number of reports. Everything could be done with a few clicks from a single location.

  • Easily manage and view all computers at any time;

  • Install software clandestinely and remotely;

  • Connect to PCs, view and control them through your web browser;

  • View logs and reports from a single central location;

  • With a visual overview, every PC on your network is just a click away;

  • Customize filters and change settings of all network computers;

  • Remotely manage users’ access to websites and applications;

  • Get behavior alerts, respond immediately to incidents by taking control over remote PCs.

Alerts and Filtering for Preventing Undesirable Behavior

You can well use NetVizor as a proactive solution for network security. You will be able to block undesirable or unlawful users’ activities in your network immediately thanks to NetVizor’s real-time alerts. Since the product logs everything each user is doing on their PC, you will have firm evidence of any unapproved behavior.

NetVizor will help you to:

  • Instantly get behavior alerts in real time;

  • Be aware when portable drives are used;

  • Block access to unwelcome websites;

  • Get alerts when certain programs are launched;

  • Prevent prohibited apps and games from launching;

  • Alert you about users’ visiting unwelcome websites;

  • Prevent use of chat messengers;

  • Alert you when files are opened, modified or deleted;

  • Prohibit use of portable drives and copying files;

  • Alert you when users type certain key words and phrases;

  • Prevent users from making screenshots by means of Print Screen;

  • Alert you about relocation of computers.

Comprehensible Graph Reports

NetVizor offers above 15 advanced activity recording tools, which log everything PC users are doing. It means that the amount of data related to users’ behavior is huge. For convenient viewing and analyzing these data, NetVizor generates a number of reports. These reports can be made in a few clicks and pertain to individual users’ behavior, to specific computers, or to each computer and user in the entire network. Graph form of the reports is easily comprehensible and helps to easily spot tendencies in user behavior in the network.

Monitor and Control Network Computers in Real-time

Along with recording all users’ actions, NetVizor provides you with remote control over every PC in your network. You can connect to all workstations and see in real-time what their users are doing. Activity ticker, visual overviews, and option of web-based remote administration let you know what is happening in your network. What is more, you can grab control of any PC from your network at any time.

  • Real-time Activity Ticker shows you what every employee is working on;

  • Visual Network Overview shows you every PC desktop in a single click;

  • You can observe what is being typed on any machine – in real-time;

  • Track Computer use in real-time;

  • Take control over any PC in your network with Remote Desktop Control;

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