Spyrix Employee Monitoring review

Monitor your EMPLOYEES’ PC Activity

  • A cloud-based solution allows you to monitor your employees’ PC use in real time, from a PC or mobile device;

  • Installation takes only 3 Minutes;

  • Extremely user-friendly: you don’t need to be an IT pro or have a server;

  • Try for Free;

  • 30 Days’ Money Back Guarantee.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring – Main features:

Time Control

Working time use monitoring system

Records time when each employee comes to the workplace and leaves, as well as the time when he or she didn’t work. The data on worktime use is presented in the form of easily comprehensible graphs.

Performance assessment system

The collected data are turned into analytical graphs, showing the following activities: use of applications, website visits, etc. These graphs will enable the manager to quickly evaluate how productively each employee works.

Recording Features

  • Key logging Recording all the keystrokes typed by the user, including those that were deleted afterwards

  • Screenshots Making screenshots of active windows when a certain event occurs, like launch of an app, click on the mouse button, change of a window, etc.

  • Snapshots from web camera Making snapshots from the webcam at pre-set intervals or on demand.

  • Microphone recording – hidden Recording audio from the microphone remotely – on demand or when the volume exceeds the pre-set level.

  • Web camera recording – hidden Recording video from the webcam remotely – on demand.

  • Web sites Recording info on all websites the user visited.

  • Web Searches Saving all users’ searches in the Web. Supports the following search engines: Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex, AOL.

  • Activity in Facebook Saving info about users’ activity in Facebook – chats, pages visited, searches, etc.

  • Activity in LinkedIn Saving info about users’ activity in LinkedIn, the social network for professionals

  • Activity in other Social Networks Monitoring users’ activity in other popular social networks, such as Twitter, Myspace, VK, Google+, Odnoklassniki.

  • Skype conversations Recording all conversations in Skype, including contact info.

  • Conversations in IMs Collecting info on users’ conversations in 20+ popular IMs

  • Apps Use Collecting the data about running various apps (time launched/closed, time of use)

  • Working time Beginning and end of the work with the computer, the idle time

  • Printer Use Recording what tasks PC users send to the printer and when

  • Removable Drives use (USB, SD Cards, HDD)

  • Monitoring of domain users Monitoring activity of all users from a certain domain in corporate networks

Stealth Features

  • Invisible Mode You can make this software operate invisibly for your employees

  • Undetectable by Anti-viruses This program can’t be detected by majority of popular antiviruses. But just in case, we recommend you to add this application to the list of trusted programs when installing it.

Stealth Features

  • From a secure web account Get access to the collected data online, via a secure personal account at www.spyrix.com

  • From the monitored employee’s PC View the data directly at the computer, which is under monitoring. The collected data are password-protected, so nobody except you can get access to them

  • Have the log file sent to your email, LAN, or FTP Configure the program, so that it will send the logs to your email, FTP, or LAN

  • From cloud storage: DropBox, Google Drive Configure the program, so that it will send the logs to the cloud storage

Besides, two more options have been recently added, namely:

  • Live Panel View all your employees’ screens at once in real time.

  • Live Viewing Watch your employees’ screens in real-time mode

Remote Control Features

  • Remote request for the data Among the actions you can perform from a remote location are: requesting video and snapshots from any web camera, start recording audio from the microphone, etc.

  • Remote changing the settings You can set what data will be collected remotely, from your web account

  • Remote update version The system will update the program installed on your employees’ PCs automatically, as soon as a new version becomes available.

  • Remote uninstallation You can remotely remove the program at any time from your web account

Alerts and Control Options

  • Web Filtering You may configure the program so that it will block access to the certain sites (e.g. dating, adult, social networks, etc.)

  • Keyword Alerts Create a blacklist of key words, and when any PC user types them, you will get an alert from the system.

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