REFOG Employee Monitor review

Refog is a powerful employee monitoring software, which can serve as an excellent tool to enhance staff productivity and protect your company’s data from security breaches and actions of disloyal employees. Just download the free evaluation version and install it on your company’s PCs, and the situation will start improving at once!

Keystroke capturing

When you install and launch Refog, it will start capture all keystrokes made by the PC user. It means that everything typed by your employee will be recorded – usernames and passwords, chat messages and emails, search queries and everything else. Along with key logging, Refog also can intercept clipboard contents.

Remote PC surveillance

You needn’t install Employee Monitor manually anymore, since remote installation feature is available. You can install Refog on all network PCs and configure it remotely, in several mouse clicks. You can assess all reports on real-time monitoring from the network

Logging the browser history

For your employees, it’s no use clearing their browser history – the information is retained in Refog’s log files anyway and will always be available to you thanks to the reports function. Refog collects all important information, such as URLs of websites visited, titles of web pages and the time of the visit.

Screenshot capturing

Refog takes screenshots of the PC screen in full color. Saving screenshots in addition what users type ensures that there will be visual evidence of what exactly users are doing. Without monitoring, employees often are distracted from their work by personal activities like online shopping or watching videos. Having such a screenshot history, it will be possible to prove that some employee is wasting his or her working time. The program supports multiple monitor configurations.

Password protection and Invisible mode

If you don’t want to disclose the fact that PC users are monitored, Refog can be configured to work in a stealth mode, so that it becomes completely invisible to a PC user. He or she won’t be able to find it in the program folder, tray, or control panel. However, you can make the program visible using a hotkey or a special command. Moreover, you can password protect Refog, so the users won’t be able to modify of delete the logs.

Tracking use of apps and files

Refog can record use of all software on your PC, so you will be able to easily detect whether your employee is really working or, say, playing solitaire. Refog also stores all file activity (opening, editing, copying, deleting files), which will quickly reveal the user’s inappropriate interest to any confidential documents.

Monitoring IMs

Refog supports popular instant messengers (such as Yahoo! messenger, AIM, Facebook®, Skype, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk). The product logs both sides of the conversation, i.e. both the user’s messages, and the ones received by the user.

Get reports via Email

You needn’t physically access the monitored PCs to view their log files. All the reports will be sent to you via email, so that you can analyze them from your own PC or mobile device.

Customizable settings and reports

Refog is provided preconfigured, so that you can install it in seconds with a few mouse clicks. You can either run the program with default settings, or customize it to suit your needs better.

You can enable and disable monitoring for certain users; set the keywords and key phrases for alerts; customize delivery of reports; filter log files, and much more.

Installation of Refog Employee Monitor

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