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Your smartphone’s fingerprint scanner turned out to be not the best security

Specialists, who have created fingerprints capable of fooling the sensors, said that smartphone fingerprint scanners are not as secure as we used to believe.

They could unlock mobiles with fingerprint security by using fake ones, so it is a great way to log in and to make different payments.

The investigation results of New York and Michigan State Universities revealed the researchers’ ability to develop “master prints that could fool a scanner up to 65 per cent of the time”. So, that means a rapid improvement of the artificial physical fingerprints.

To unlock smartphones, fingerprint scanners are considered to be more secure than passcodes. The Apple company stated that ID scanner used on iPhone has the slightest chance to be coincident with a fingerprint of another person.04

There are small fingerprint readers on the new smartphones, that is why they scan various part of a fingerprint to make sure that just one finger or thumb press will make the sensor work effectively.

In spite of fingerprint readers’ uniqueness, the investigators claimed that they found a way to create synthetic master prints for modeling of many people’s fingerprints.

Usually, before requiring a passcode and deactivating the fingerprint scanner, telephones give the user many efforts.

Most people believe in powerful security of fingerprint scanners. There is one more authentication method Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 phone has. It includes iris scanner and facial recognition.

Japanese researchers notified about the hackers’ possibility to copy your fingerprints just with the help of posing by users’ pictures with peace signs. So, it depends on you what kind of a phone security to choose in order not to become a victim of rather inventive hackers.