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Your Smartphone and Hackers – How to Keep It Safe

This banking Trojan can easily thieve sensitive data from the infected devices because of Accessibility Services.

Android devices with all updates and the latest Android version, and all security patches installed are also at risk, so these techniques aren’t as safe as many users think.

Here are typical security measures for you not to be affected:

You should always keep using only trusted and reliable sources like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The most important thing is to authenticate app permissions before installing them.

Third-party sources are one of the most common ways to spread different malware. So, your way out is to avoid download apps from such sources.

Another issue is Wi-Fi. Do not connect to unfamiliar and unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots and keep your Wi-Fi switched off when not using it.

Never follow the link provided in email, SMS, or MMS. Firstly, go to the original website and verify any possible updates, even though the email looks unsuspecting.

The installation of a good antivirus will protect your device from being infected. Besides, always keep the apps up-dated.