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Why using software like “Punto Switcher” is risky

From the video below you can learn why it is so risky to use software products like Punto Switcher.

It turns out that Punto Switcher can be easily configured to serve as a keylogger. After changing a few settings, this program will monitor the keyboard and save every your keystroke.

There is a lot of such programs. If a software product has a built-in functionality that prompts you options of a word you are typing after you have typed a few keystrokes, it means that this program contains a keylogger module (keylogger, spyware, spy program), which is doing its job.

The danger of such software products is that they aren’t officially considered to malicious ones, because they perform very necessary tasks for PC users. The examples include various dictionaries, spellcheckers, programs for switching keyboard layouts, etc.

Unlike software products designed for parental control or employee monitoring, all functions of which are openly announced by their developers, nobody says anything about the side functions of such programs – even their developers…