The best software for employee monitoring and parental control

Top Employee Monitoring and Parental Control Software. Reviews and a сomparative table

Why is a computer monitoring software necessary?

Why is a keylogger – an invisible workplace surveillance or parental control software – necessary?

Staff working time control, programs and sites monitoring, data leakage protection. Keylogger software tracks everything users do on your computer. It can be used either in total stealth (in the invisible mode), as a spy program, or in an open mode. In the last case users are aware about being spied but can not avoid that. From the moral point of view, such spying (especially, the invisible one) is a questionable thing. Quite often, however, there’s no other choice. For example, when staff members use confidential data, the additional security steps have to be undertaken. Someone should monitor the staff involved and ensure that this data stays unknown to anybody else outside the office. In addition, employee tracking is required when you need to know exactly what staff members working at the PCs spend their time for, to make sure whether under-age kids or their guardians follow the laws, etc.

1. Staff Working Time Logging

Staff monitoring software allows you to aggregate the following data: what programs have been used, what sites have been visited, and how much time has ben spent for that. Apart from other, this information will allow you to optimize staff schedules. Normally, staff members devote a part of their working day to personal necessities. That is inevitable, because they need some change in their monotonous working process and a little rest. Although, you must know how much time during the day they have actually worked.

2. Increase of Staff Motivation and Work Discipline

Apparently, if an employer monitors staff members’ activity and they know about that, their motivation grows. Nobody would spend his working hours on entertaining sites or computer games if he keeps in mind that his boss will soon know about it – keylogger is in operation. Definitely, staff members would improve their attitude to work. Though, such personnel management problems as insufficient discipline and low motivation can not be solved only by spying on employees in the workplace.
As mentioned above, keylogging software can also be used in an invisible mode. Then, users do not suspect about being spied upon.

3. Personal Curiosity Satisfaction. Responsibility for Under-Age Kids (Parental Control)

Would you like to know about your wife (husband) or a girlfriend (boyfriend)? What and with whom does he/she chat for hours via messenger? Does your better half secretly visit dating sites? What sites do your kids visit? And how many hours do they spend playing computer games? How many hours a week do your programmers really do coding? What portion of a working day does your secretary spend playing her favourite Free Cell game? And what does she gossip about you with her best friend? Surely, you want to know about your kids as much as possible: whether they use their PCs for appropriate purposes only; whether they visit porno-sites, play computer games for money, fall among evil companions or become scam victims.
Computer monitoring software can give your answers to all those questions.