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Unjustified Job Dismissal – Justified Law Decision

There was a legal procedure between a web developer and his former employer in Germany, when a judge ordered that keeping an eye on a worker, using keylogger spyware contravenes the law.

Actually, keyloggers can be of different types. They can be plugged in between a keyboard and a PC, but the most are software with advanced features, such as watching over monitor object file and taking screenshots of it. The employer’s malware contains exactly these features.

The web developer filed a charge against his former employer for unjustified job dismissal. In April, 2015, the employer sent a group email informing that internet traffic and other usages of work computer would be constantly recorded and saved. But there were no explanations about the working principles of this innovation.

After a little while, this hirer credited the employee with using a work computer for his own purposes (doing job for another company). Shortly after, he was fired.

The former employee states that he helped his father’s company, but only during his rest pauses, just ten minutes per day.

This case proves that even people you communicate with face to face can use such spyware against you. Jealous partners are of no exception.