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Trump stresses cybersecurity but postpones executive order

U.S. President Donald Trump worried about cybercrime defense and insisted on better state authorities’ protection of the networks. For this purpose, he adjourned sine die the government directions signing to give a stimulus for administration’s issue consideration.

Due to draft copy of the order, the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security would have 60 days for the networks security improvement.
Trump had to sign this order on Tuesday but cancel a back order a short time before.

The cybersecurity must be focused on such infrastructures like Power station and power network, Trump announced. Power network security is a great problem that is in need of a speed solution.

During the briefing, the Democratic National Committee was taken into account in the first instance by Trump because of their hacker attack on the presidential election campaign.

“The Democratic National Committee Despite threw away a lot of money instead of attending to security measures,” Trump said. “The Republican National Committee was not hacked. Hackers failed to put in force their hacker attack that means that we have very strong protective safety system against it.”