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The Reasons to Worry about Business Privacy

Nowadays, to be proactive when it goes about privacy, is no longer about making efforts to hide from authorities. Privacy is of a critical importance now, because it is closely connected with security and protection of you as well as your close people or a working staff from being hit by the skilled and inventive cybercriminals.

Privacy & Security of Your Mobile

There are a vast number of online threats today, but people still lack awareness of their mobile devices` vulnerability to cyberattacks, breaches, spying and other malicious actions. The main reason of people unawareness is the misperception that modern applications and services for mobile devices are safe and secure. But nothing of the kind, as has been demonstrated by the major data leaks this year, including the case with one with

Unfortunately, organizations pay not enough attention to security measures. For instance, along with Pokémon Go`s user policy, users provide numerous privileges and legal rights in the case of avoiding the legal waiver in a written form. When installing this app, users made their contact addresses and even emails available for the Nintendo.

What is more, many companies and app developers don`t consider security to be of a vital importance. The reason is that the ROI for security isn`t presupposed to be the component of the modern dynamic technology ecosystem. Security also needs time, regular investment, and resources.

The Necessity of Privacy for Businesses

The mobile ecosystem has gradually become the sphere of cybercriminals` activity.

Nowadays hackers have a wide variety of choices for penetration into your devices and stealing sensitive data. They can attack by using a vulnerable cloud-based service, Wi-Fi network, corrupting apps, SMS phishing, emails or social networks. And things are getting worse. In 2016, security specialists have revealed 8.5 million mobile malware attacks, the numbers increased three times, compared to 2015.

The investigation suggests that the consumers of mobile devices more soberly evaluate a situation as it has developed, but the things are changing. The most workers use their mobile devices at the working place, so it undermines the company security. Every organization must protect its data and employees as well. The workers need to be instructed, in other case, the corporate information can be easily stolen by the inventive cybercriminals.

Organizations must reconsider their attitude toward mobile security and one of the key component is to educate their employees about appropriate behavior to keep the company information secure, because their mobile phones can be the easiest way for criminals to perform their malicious actions.