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Poor Password Security Across Most Organizations

Weak passwords become the highest priority danger for organizations to be attacked, but nevertheless, majority continues to pay more attention to policy based technology, and not to the user.

The investigation from LastPass and Ovum shows that most IT executives` respondents completely entrust password behavior to employees` control. Nearly 61 % of IT executives consider employee education to be the essential component for ensuring the password security, so workers are able to improve password only by themselves, without using any modern technology or system.

The study also discovered that 76% of employees had systematic problems with the password usage, and more than a third of users, at least once in a month, are in need of a password-related support.

There is also poor protection against password sharing. It may sound mind-bogglingly but 64% of IT execs had no technologies at all to avoid inappropriate password sharing. And only 14% had certain strategies to be aware of what is going on.

Andrew Kellett, principal analyst from Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum emphasized that this study demonstrated fine example of necessity to improve the password security measures. Besides, many organizations shift the responsibility for password control to their workers and don`t have special automated system in order to be aware when something is going wrong.

This report involved hundreds of IT executives and company workers and found that 78% of IT chiefs don`t properly monitor employees` access to the cloud-based applications. Many companies know about this gap but make not enough efforts to change this situation.

Matt Kaplan, GM of LastPass said that many organizations prefer manual processes and overly trust in employees` abilities to control the password security. The companies need to concentrate on both problematic issues that are absence of a special security technology and unnecessary passwords sharing in order to better their security in whole.