The best software for employee monitoring and parental control

Top Employee Monitoring and Parental Control Software. Reviews and a сomparative table
  • Email is the main source for Ransomware Attacks

    Many ransomware attacks (76%) take roots in your PC performance through sending malicious messages to your email.

    As Barracuda reported,

  • Gmail Works in with Machine Learning

    Google created new security measures for Gmail users, including protection against phishing attacks, click-time warnings for fraudulent links and unintended external reply warnings.

  • 7 most widespread Security Threats

    There is no way to avoid the reality: cybercrime, or cyber espionage will hit. Attackers are employing methods to deliver malware and steal credentials,

  • Ransomware near-term perspective

    Ransomware popularity increases – a real money making

    The strategy is clear: a virus infects your PC and encrypts your data until you pay a ransom.

  • Your smartphone’s fingerprint scanner turned out to be not the best security

    Specialists, who have created fingerprints capable of fooling the sensors, said that smartphone fingerprint scanners are not as secure as we used to believe.

  • 7 types of Internet Security Fibs

    If you are fed to the teeth with people continuously asking about browsing safety, we are with you. Different warnings about internet security… But do not forget about antivirus program,

  • Employees Quickly Give Access to Privileged Info

    Almost 72% of employees are ready to share confidential information of a company and little take company’s data with them after working hours.

  • The coming back of Petya ransomware with all its dirty tricks

    Petya ransomware creators attempt to accuse its predecessor of a crack into their system.

    Investigators revealed one more Petya ransomware type last year.

  • Malware attempts to infect Microsoft and Apple operating systems revealed

    Last week investigators faced with a deleterious Word file that cannot distinguish between two different OS platforms. The goal of this malicious document is to infect other Microsoft systems.

  • ‘Password rules don’t help’, Jeff Atwood Says

    Jeff Atwood, founder of the popular coding site Stack Overflow, has presented a provoking and rather interesting pompous speech about dire state of the password policy.

  • Trump stresses cybersecurity but postpones executive order

    U.S. President Donald Trump worried about cybercrime defense and insisted on better state authorities’ protection of the networks. For this purpose,

  • Easy-to-exploit authentication bypass flaw puts Netgear routers at risk

    Over recent years, Netgear had been trying to improve its routers derangement that increased to 30, among which 20 characterized by the embedded programme problems.

  • iPads ‘more secure than voting systems’ – claim

    Dutch security expert Sijmen Ruwhof has scrutinized programme support of the Dutch election precinct and now makes a statement “the average iPad is more secure than the Dutch voting system.”

    Taking into account SHA1 cryptography weakness of the Dutch voting system,

  • A new Malware Museum Launched in the Internet

    Normally, people feel nostalgic about old school music, films, cars or video games. However, there are people who are so fond of outdated computer viruses that they even created a real museum of them.

  • Elite Keylogger was tested

    New version of Elite Keylogger was tested by our testing team. The review is available by the link Elite Keylogger

  • Bayrob Trojan is controlled from Amazon server

    ESET company is warning users about significant rise in malware Bayrob activity recently. Cyber criminals have been using it for stealing personal data including financial credentials.

  • Malicious software Babar is capable of eavesdropping on users’ talks

    Malicious software Babar is capable of eavesdropping on users’ talks and steal files from their computers, according to The Register.

  • Spyrix Personal Monitor was tested

    New version of Spyrix Personal Monitor was tested by our testing team. The review is available by the link Spyrix Personal Monitor

  • New malware software presented to forge bitcoins

    Malware authors state that proof-of-concept versions have been created solely for educational purposes. Two anonymous developers have presented experimental versions of two malwares – rootkit Jellyfish and keylogger Demon.

  • Are webcam hacks possible? Techniques for your protection.

    Are webcam takeovers a myth or a real danger? Many unexperienced PC users have thought about this problem. At times,