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Numerous Android Apps on Google Play Store Found Keeping an Eye on 100 Million Users

A lot of users have downloaded over 500 various apps from official Google Play Store. The majority of these apps were infected with a tricky ad library that spreads spyware without being noticed and can do different hazardous procedures.

The main source of income for the app developers is advertising, because Google Play Store provides free downloads for 90% of Android apps. Toward this goal, they embed Android SDK Ads library in their apps that doesn’t influence app’s functionality.

Fortunately, security specialists at mobile security firm Lookout have revealed a software development kit (SDK), called Igexin. This SDK includes a distribution of spyware on Android devices.

The Chinese company created a malicious ‘Igexin’ advertising software that took roots into more than 500 apps on Google’s official software market, including games for teens (100 million downloads), weather apps (5 million downloads), photo editor apps (5 million downloads), Internet radio apps (1 million downloads), other apps with a focus on education, health and fitness, and travel.

Chinese Advertising Company Keeping an eye On Android Users

The Igexin SDK was created for the app developers in order to make money by serving advertisements to its users. Besides, the SDK makes use of user’s data to help target ads.

The Lookout researchers also noticed a malicious behavior of the SDK after they found several Igexin-integrated apps interacting with malicious IP addresses that distribute malware to devices behind the back of the apps creators who use it.

The malware can take a full control over your infected device: usage of your logs, installation of different plugins on the user’s device that could monitor over his/her activities.