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Malicious software Babar is capable of eavesdropping on users’ talks

Malicious software Babar is capable of eavesdropping on users’ talks and steal files from their computers, according to The Register.

This French-language malware was initially detected by Canadian researchers from CSEC (Communications Security Establishment Canada). At this time, however, security experts from GDATA and Cyphort Labs warned of its spreading and gave a detailed description of the dangerous application.

In fact, Babar has extensive spy functionality. Its features include typical ones like interception of keystrokes and information from the clipboard. Also, this malware is able to take screenshots.

But IT-specialists point out that Babar is also equipped with advanced features. In particular, the program can record audio chats from Skype and Yahoo. Among other things, the software is able to steal users’ files.

Such functionality resulted in use of Babar as a tool for cyber espionage. According to experts, the main targets for this malware were scientific and technological organizations in Iran, as well as the French-speaking media. Apparently, the application also has been aimed at European Financial Association and at organizations located in the countries that used to be French colonies.

Existence of such a spy tool was mentioned in the documents disclosed by Edward Snowden in his revelations. According to these data, secret service used this program to spy on francophone mass media in Canada.

By the way, attackers armed with Babar can spy on Skype users via webcam as well. Experts from the antivirus developer believe that such a method of cyber espionage as hacking webcams and interception of images it broadcasts is spreading. Through webcam, attackers can record everything the user is doing in the area the webcam covers. As a result, they may get credit card information and bank account details.