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How to know about adultery with the help of your mobile?

If you suspect your partner is cheating you, it is most likely to be true – as statistics proves. Nowadays, cell phones are most helpful for committing adultery. A devoted partner is unlikely to share his personal phone number with a stranger. Finding an unknown phone number in the incoming calls log of your partner’s mobile can be the first step in your search to detect a cheater. A mobile has become a right hand in the adultery affairs since there emerged a possibility to make calls from everywhere, to send messages and delete them immediately, etc. Modern mobiles normally have at least three communication options – text messages, calls and chats. They help a lot to stay in touch with a lover and to plan an adultery. A message like: “I’ve missed you so much” is clear, isn’t it?

A cheater would certainly try to delete all the compromising messages and calls logs. Mobile phone spy software would allow you to track user’s activity on a phone of your interest, if you only have an access to it.

The application can register all the calls and SMS that have been done via the phone. You can monitor your cheater’s phone by checking photos and activities in social networks.

You can easily identify your partner’s location and surroundings if you do not trust him or her. Love affairs will force him or her to lie about his/her location. Make it your habit to ask your partner on the phone where he/she is at the moment and then check the location data with the info from GPS or cell ID. Mobile phones can also be used as a listener-in. With an appropriate phone spy software installed any smartphone can be used as a “bug” to listen-in the surroundings.

As a rule, a smartphone spy application offers the following functions:
• Access to calls and SMS logs containing contacts and phone numbers.
• Monitoring activities in social networks.
• Control over photo and video recording – all the photo and video materials taken by your spouse’s phone will be logged for you to see them.
• Possibility to check all the correspondence items. You will be able to study them even after they have been deleted from the phone.
• Monitoring contacts: the app tracks each contact in your spouse’s phone and logs info for you. Newly added one will also be registered.
• GSP-coordinates tracking allows you to find out the phone location in online mode following it in footsteps. You are always able to be aware about where your partner currently is by tracking GPS – coordinates on Google Maps.
• The program allows turning on a microphone secretly for listening-in the surroundings. That seems especially suitable when you find out that your partner is not where he says he must be. This is practically a tool to take him red-handed.

Commonly, you can view logs remotely from your PC or cell phone, evoking no suspicion. Spy software in operation is not displayed on a screen and stays invisible for a user. Even after the calls data has been deleted, your mobilespy application will be able to track it – you will receive the info you need.