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Gmail Works in with Machine Learning

Google created new security measures for Gmail users, including protection against phishing attacks, click-time warnings for fraudulent links and unintended external reply warnings.

The new machine learning technologies are based on a certain principle that spot-checks messages for phishing tricks. Andy Wen said that it helps to block spams and phishing messages from occurrence in the inbox folder within the accuracy of 99.9%.

The viral detection combines with Google Safe Browsing’s machine learning technologies for revealing and flagging “phishy” and malicious URLs. So, Gmail creates new URL click-time warnings for phishing and malware links.

Wen stressed that new technologies work faster and more efficiently than manual systems.

To avoid data loss, Gmail for Work now prints on the screen unintended external reply warnings to users. For example, if a user tries to answer someone beyond the company domain, he/she will immediately get a warning to make sure she/he is about to send that email. It’s a good protection against attacks of other suspicious campaigns, including business email compromise/whaling attacks.

Wen explained that Gmail possesses contextual intelligence, and it doesn’t display warnings when you engage with your regular clients or a real existing contact. Now Gmail is also protected against ransomware and polymorphic malware.

Besides, the implementation of hosted S/MIME to encrypt email while transportation, the Data Loss Prevention, alerts when TLS encryption between electronic mailboxes is not maintained are also included to Gmail security measures.