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Employees Quickly Give Access to Privileged Info

Almost 72% of employees are ready to share confidential information of a company and little take company’s data with them after working hours.

The Dell End-User Security Survey provides with such troublous statistics, which reveals that many employees are not only willing to share sensitive information, but they do it without using special security protocols.

Data shows that for today the working strategy of employees is based on two principles: to be efficient and hard-working on the job and to hold company information in confidence. Companies focusing on highly skilled employees and security measures are necessary to maintain data security questions. Nevertheless, they are failing on a work: 76% of employees think that company sacrifice their working efficiency for security precautions.

The investigation showed that employees often work with confidential information in improper way by sharing and storing the data insecurely. 45% of employees behave unsafely during the working day. Connecting to public Wi-Fi to access private information (46%), using personal email accounts for work (49%) or losing a company-issued device (17%) also belong to insecure behavior.

24% of the interviewed are sure that they did everything for a job to be completed well and in time, and 18% even didn’t know they did something wrong or unsafe. And only 3% admitted to realize their unsafe behavior by having malicious aims by doing that.

81% of employees in financing operation would reveal proprietary information, employees in education (75%), healthcare (68%) and federal government (68%) are also roughly on the same page.
And mere 65% of employees consider protection of confidential data to be their duty. They learn the ropes of possible negative consequences of the cyber-attacks and behave in secure way to prevent their company from hackers attempts. And only 36% of working staff are sure that their knowledge in protection issues of the sensitive company data at a high level.

However, of those who received cybersecurity training, 18% still conducted unsafe behavior without realizing that they were doing something wrong, whereas 24% conducted unsafe behavior anyway in order to complete a task.

63% of employees are required to undergo a special information security training on confidential data protection. But even many of those who completed cybersecurity training, still behaved unproperly without realizing the negative consequences of doing that. Unfortunately, most employees worked unsafe with the aim of a task fulfilling.