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Employee Snooping: Digging for Unnecessary Confidential Information

To the detriment of the effective security measures, many employees are looking for information that doesn`t have anything to do with their referral tasks.

A global survey involved more than 900 IT security experts from One Identity and demonstrated that 92 % of employers have found their workers trying to get access to information that has no relevance to their everyday work. Practically one in four, which is 23 % emphasized that this is a rather frequent behavior.

66 % of IT security experts said they have intentionally looked for or accessed to company information they didn`t need at that very moment. More importantly, 71 % of IT security chiefs also misbehave and seek for unnecessary information at the workplace in comparison with 56% of IT company members.

It`s one of the key snooping problems among the modern workforce.

Dimensional Research revealed that abuse of the privilege on IT sensitive information is one of the main misconducts on the working place, but company performance information is of an increased demand: 36 % of IT specialists are digging for restricted information about the company performance instead of their everyday duties.

John Milburn, president and general manager of One Identity, represented the results of their research, which consist in employees` massive abuse of the company sensitive information and exactly this could be the key reason for employers to be in deep waters.

The survey also discovered one more interesting thing: there is bigger percent of the snoop in the smaller companies, e. g., 38 % of IT security specialists at companies with 500-2,000 employees try to access sensitive performance information compared to 29 % of professionals at companies with more than 5,000 employees.

An improper control of the workers` access permissions and rights could lead to exposure of confidential information of the company and its staff. Milburn also added if information falls into the wrong hands, the consequences could be destroying. The company reputation could be absolutely dented.