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Email is the main source for Ransomware Attacks

Many ransomware attacks (76%) take roots in your PC performance through sending malicious messages to your email.

As Barracuda reported, phishing is a real moneymaking (particularly spear phishing). Most of the companies communicate through email, that is why it is the most commonly used tool for attackers’ tricks.

Hatem Naguib, senior vice president and general manager for the security business at Barracuda, emphasized that no matter how big your business is, and how many employees are in your organization, and what is your budget – practically everyone found out the hard way of hackers’ attacks. He mentioned that criminals pay a lot of attention to the messages’ personalization, making them persuasive and well-reasoned.

The investigation revealed that 56% of people researchers have questioned were hit by the criminals, 84% of the staff felt the awful consequences after being attacked. On the overage, organizations had been hit by cyberattacks five times. Moreover, 43% had been targeted even more than five times.

A previous Barracuda study showed that 92% of questioned people are worried about ransomware impact on their organization, and 47%, of respondents had already been a target of ransomware.

The target of criminals is not only organization itself, but also its personnel. More than three in 10 of those questioned said that their clients (35%) and even their staff (32%) gave up on their security after cyberattacks. What is more, around one in five informed about a temporary closing of an enterprise (21%) or customers’ loss (17%).

Naguib also added that a great security budget isn’t enough for an absolute safety of the company. The sum of money in your budget is of no importance when we are talking about hackers’ penetration into your system through email. So, the most effective security measures should include people activity and advanced technologies.

The best layered security tactic includes spam protection, at the gateway filtering of malware, innovative threat protection, sandboxing mechanisms, spear phishing prevention, etc.