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Americans are not very proficient in password algorithm

The investigation of Wakefield Research revealed that although online worry increases, password algorithms remain unimproved. For example, 81% of respondents use one password for many accounts. They are more or less digitally dodgy, but, nevertheless, 92% say they use one password for various accounts.

This investigation also informed that 36% use one password for 25% or more of their online accounts.

In spite of the fact that personal data steal is really dangerous thing with possible awful consequences, Americans still are not enough concerned with this issue.

The survey also revealed that 91% of Americans suffer from account breach, including spam messages (42%), account lockout (38%) or money stolen through a withdrawal or unauthorized purchase (28%). 5% felt the consequences after steal of their personal information such as birthdate or revealing the photos, which were not for a public demonstration (19%).

Jeff Kukowski, CEO of SecureAuth, a sponsor of this survey said no wonder that the main reason of breaches is the users’ poor passwords. He also emphasized that hackers succeed in breaches involving ill use of stolen or weak private information. So, organizations need to pay more attention to the security measures, because protection of customers’ data is the prerogative of any company, because when workers are confident that their data are safe and secure, their productivity keep increasing.