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7 types of Internet Security Fibs

If you are fed to the teeth with people continuously asking about browsing safety, we are with you. Different warnings about internet security… But do not forget about antivirus program, little icon of which does its work.

Practically everyone believes he can light-heartedly click, specify and skim different type of information, and surf on the huge open space that is the internet.

Do not pay attention to those internet security fibs. The next perversions may be hard to perceive at first sight, but ultimately, it will be better for you to be aware of them.

Fib # 1: The illuminated lock icon means that I am ready to work.

There is a little padlock in your browser bar. You look for it before surfing on the Internet. But your intuition suggests you to be careful, that lock is a sign of the Internet security, yeah? That would be a great mistake.

This icon means that a secure connection between your PC and web host is found. It doesn’t guarantee the protection from a malicious software. Many hackers succeed in SSL certificate fabrication, they dislocate them in some padlock clipart. Many users were deceived by such fabricated pages. Be attentive, don’t fall for cyber-attack.
Fib # 2: Adult sites are the most dangerous.

If you do not surf the disrepute websites, you are safe. Ha! That’s wrong.

Do you know that more than 83% of infected sites look like normal, typical? It means that you can be affected by malware when visiting any site, e.g. gambling or lifestyle one.

Fib # 3: My computer doesn’t contain any values.

So, there are no accounts and records on your hard drive or a database of security telephones. Perhaps, you do have an email password, access to one social networking website and a folder with all necessary personal data the attacker wants to lay hands on.

All your personal information is in the computer. Think it over, it must be well protected.

Fib # 4: The antivirus software is installed – nothing more is needed!

To have the antivirus program installed is a right decision. Unfortunately, new types of viruses appear in a web sphere very quickly. It is better to buy software updating definitions automatically.
Antivirus program only prevents your PC system from viruses during browsing and it’s cool, but it would not protect you from hackers super coding hoax. Think your PC security out to the last detail – make a choice that provides you both with firewalls and safeguards.

Fib # 5: My passwords are free from risk.

If you invent super long password that would be safer than “password”, it still doesn’t guarantee you a complete safety. Do not be a hundred percent sure, because there are a lot of computer genius who continuously improve their skills to break your super-long, sweet password.

Fib # 6: Infection of PC system is characterized by bells and whistles going off

No plethora of pop-ups doesn’t mean that you are in safe. Malware has improved a lot and you can even not reveal them! Nowadays threats are concealed little slime bags.

Fib #7: Files downloading leads to system infection.

Revise times when your business was just to watch for .exe files. Malware can do their work through “drive-by” downloads nowadays. The harmless at first sight content may contain different malicious codes. So, you think there is nothing to worry about, but in fact, you are already hacked!