The best software for employee monitoring and parental control

Top Employee Monitoring and Parental Control Software. Reviews and a сomparative table
  • Facebook Reminded Users that Keeping WhatsApp updated is Crucial

    WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging service, is very populatr: the total number of its users is about 1.5 billion people. Recently a serious vulnerability was found in it,

  • Why using software like “Punto Switcher” is risky

    From the video below you can learn why it is so risky to use software products like Punto Switcher.

    It turns out that Punto Switcher can be easily configured to serve as a keylogger.

  • Intentional Leak of Business Data Because of UK Employees` Misbehavior

    The investigation of Egress Software Technologies has discovered that 24 % of UK workers have purposefully distributed the company sensitive information among rivals and new or former workers.

  • Employee Snooping: Digging for Unnecessary Confidential Information

    To the detriment of the effective security measures, many employees are looking for information that doesn`t have anything to do with their referral tasks.

  • This Year: Top 10 Cloud Storage Security Gaps


    The Cyber Risk Team at UpGuard revealed that Accenture didn`t properly protect no fewer than 4 AWS S3 storage buckets,

  • Poor Password Security Across Most Organizations

    Weak passwords become the highest priority danger for organizations to be attacked, but nevertheless, majority continues to pay more attention to policy based technology,

  • High-Security of Crypto Keys was damaged by ROCA, more dangerous Exploit Than KRACK

    Don`t you consider well-known KRACK to be the most dangerous attack? Meet even worse security hole. A destroying vulnerability has endangered the security of the most encryption keys,

  • KRACK attacks hit Wi-Fi networks – the way out

    The KRACK Attack is coming! The recent development – a Bug with a telling name

    To be more precise, these are the KRACK Attacks,

  • Gap in US Employees` Knowledge of Security and Privacy at Work

    According to the results of a new investigation, workers have a big gap in knowledge of security measures and these unaware employees represent a great risk for their company to be hit by the criminals.

  • The Reasons to Worry about Business Privacy

    Nowadays, to be proactive when it goes about privacy, is no longer about making efforts to hide from authorities. Privacy is of a critical importance now,

  • Bosses must adhere to staff privacy at work

    European companies must adhere to staff privacy at work, as the European Court of Human Rights has decreed.

    The lower chamber of the court reconsiders the case of 2016,

  • The Bashware Attack Technique

    Microsoft has been using Linux for practically three years, and it costs the system a pretty sum, actually.
    Last year,

  • Unjustified Job Dismissal – Justified Law Decision

    There was a legal procedure between a web developer and his former employer in Germany, when a judge ordered that keeping an eye on a worker,

  • Thousands of Android-spying Apps are on the Loose: how to Deal with SonicSpy

    The majority of malicious software apps are coming from the Internet, and unfortunately, Android users have one more reason to worry: spyware apps that steal data from the infected devices.

  • Numerous Android Apps on Google Play Store Found Keeping an Eye on 100 Million Users

    A lot of users have downloaded over 500 various apps from official Google Play Store. The majority of these apps were infected with a tricky ad library that spreads spyware without being noticed and can do different hazardous procedures.

  • Concealed Botnet is the Key Danger

    Security specialists revealed a dangerous adware botnet counting practically half a million victims, after attempts to remain in the background.

  • Your Smartphone and Hackers – How to Keep It Safe

    This banking Trojan can easily thieve sensitive data from the infected devices because of Accessibility Services.

    Android devices with all updates and the latest Android version,

  • Al creates new malware, which cannot be revealed by AV software

    The experiment involves Elon Musk’s OpenAI framework.

    DEF CON Machine-learning tools improve their skills and have ability to create their own malware that overcomes antivirus software.

  • New Study from OneLogin Reveals that a Great Number of Ex-Employees Continue to Exploit Company Applications

    The survey reveals that a leak of data has increased to 20% because of failure to deprovision employees.

    In spite of the fact that companies pay more attention to security sphere,

  • Americans are not very proficient in password algorithm

    The investigation of Wakefield Research revealed that although online worry increases, password algorithms remain unimproved. For example, 81% of respondents use one password for many accounts.