CleverCONTROL smart employee monitoring review

  • Available for Windows and Mac

  • Offers real-time remote PC monitoring; very handy for tracking employees’ PC activity, including: social networking, Internet surfing, searches in the Web, launched applications, chats, IMs, emails, use of USB drives and printers.

  • Very user-friendly; there is no need for specific skills to use the program

  • You don’t need a dedicated server. This solution is cloud-based and could be accessed remotely through a user account in the Web.

  • Extremely simple to install and configure

  • 14-day trial available for any number of PCs for FREE


for Windows & Mac

CleverCONTROL Smart Employee Monitoring



  • Register for FREE

  • Log in your user account and download CleverControl Agent

  • Install CleverControl Agent on the PC(s) you want to monitor

  • Start monitoring, viewing the data from your account




Monitoring via web account

With CleverControl, you needn’t access your employees’ computers to track their PC activities. Instead, you can do this online through a protected user account. Log in and start remotely monitoring what your personnel are doing on their workplace computers.


Monitoring in Real-time

You can see – at any time, from anywhere, in real time – what is on your employees’ computer screens. CleverControl allows you to view on your screen up to 16 of your employees’ screens at the same time.


Website Visits

CleverControl keeps records of all websites your staff members visit. The program logs what site was visited and when, as well as how long your employee spent on that site.
Information about website activity is displayed in a convenient way: graphs and charts are pretty easy to comprehend and analyze.


Apps Launched

Application Activity data in CleverControl are also displayed in the form of charts and graphs. CleverControl tracks the time when each application was launched and for how long it was in use.


Logging Keystrokes

You will be able to log your employees’ keystrokes, which means you will always be in the know what each of the users typed on his or her keyboard at any time. Mouse clicks in web browsers, IMs, and Skype are recorded as well.



With CleverControl, you will be able to view logs of your employees’ Skype conversations.


Instant Messengers

CleverControl monitors all chats in many popular IMs, e.g. QQ, ICQ, etc.


Social Networks Activity

CleverControl enables you to monitor all your employees’ activity in the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, VK and many others.



CleverControl makes screenshots of the active windows. You can set the interval between the screenshots.


Monitoring Searches in the web

All the keywords and phrases, which your employees type into the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Yandex, will be recorded.


Snapshots of the user

The program regularly makes snapshots of the user through the active web-camera. The intervals between snapshots could be customized.


Microphone Records

CleverControl can record sounds of the surroundings using the microphone of the computer.


Monitoring of Removable Storage Devices (USB, HDD, SD)

When any removable devices, such as USB, HDD or SD, are used, CleverControl will record it.


Printer Use

Every time when the printing device is used, this event will be recorded, along with the name of the task.


Stealth Mode

The CleverControl Agent works in the stealth mode, i.e. it is invisible for your employees in Task Manager.


You Can Uninstall It Remotely

If you want to terminate monitoring a particular PC, you can remove CleverControl from it without physical access to this PC. You can easily do it from your online account.


With Clever Control, you will be able to monitor and totally control all the workplace computers of your staff. The system tracks their web surfing, internet searches, activity in social networks, as well as emails, and chats. Clever Control also records use of USB-drives and launched applications. Also, the program can record sound and video from the PC’s webcam. The program can also serve as a simple security system for the office by broadcasting the webcam of the target computer in real time.



One of the greatest advantages of the product is that you can get the monitoring data from any Internet-connected device, whatever you are. Besides, you won’t need a dedicated server. The solution is cloud-based; it offers online remote access to the system via a user account. The system offers a variety of monitoring functions, from monitoring removable drives to making screenshots. When your employee sends a task to the printer, Clever Control records the name of the task and the time. Search activity monitoring is also available for Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, Yandex and other popular engines. Activity in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social network can also be monitored.

The software agent works in a stealth mode, remaining invisible for all users on the PC. The Agent can be uninstalled quickly and easily without physical access to the PC.

The product is user-friendly indeed. It takes about 3 minutes to install and configure, even for a person who is far from IT sphere. The software is available for PCs and Macs.



The interface requires an update.


General Conclusions

All in all, Clever Control is a good tool for employee monitoring. It can help increase productivity of the employee, unveil unlawful actions, prevent information leaks. Managers of the company could view data on employees’ productivity monitoring in the form of charts and graphs, which is very convenient. Applications and sites filtering is also handy for employee monitoring purposes. The storage time for logs with data on staff desktop monitoring is customizable.

Clever Control is a useful tool if you want to obtain info on employee work hours and timesheets.

The system offers a fully functional free 14 days’ trial for up to 10 PCs.

Therefore, Clever Control could be considered a really suitable product for employee monitoring.

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